Jun 22, 2012

The Realization

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Hello everyone! I'm sure that you'll be a bit surprised about this post today. Yes, I haven't watched something recently yet to review and post here but here I am. Blogging about my experience and realization today.

My sister is here, staying with me for the past few days. I'm just blessed that I wanted to share it here with you. I came to realize how much the Lord Jesus Christ could tap me with something that I promised to Him the first time I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.

At school today, there was this girl whom I met for the second time. She is the kind of girl that you'll easily notice because of her sharing spirit. She doesn't feel ashamed of what she's doing. I mean, I am a Christian and I just felt that she is God's instrument for me to do the same. It's because I vowed to Him before that I'll share about His love and goodness to the people I encounter wherever I go. And then I did not. I became busy with life that I myself even forget to pray and read the Bible. Then there is this girl. A stranger. In front of me. Sharing the word of God in a very casual conversation with the other students around her. At first, I was thinking. Oh, she's sharing to a fellow Christian. But I eventually knew that they weren't even attending the same class. For me, it felt like God was telling me something. A verse from the Bible just flashed on the spot at the back of my mind with the words... Go. Tell all the people about my love for them.

I was struck at that very moment. The next thing I knew is that, I was praying and poured my heart once again to Jesus. There was no one in that classroom with me. I was left alone. I said sorry and asked Him for the courage to let me speak of His goodness. I was indeed in awe of how God could tap and tell us something.

Then, my heart felt light. I felt that I was awakened. I felt that I need to blog about this and here I am now.

I just wanted to tell you, whoever you are who's reading this right now that Jesus loves you. He wants you to be with Him in His kingdom. No matter how sinful you are. Whatever sins you've committed. He loves you! Let Him come into your heart and live there forever so that your name will be written in the book of life.

Just now, I was sharing this realization with my sister. Then we prayed. I cried in my prayer. I included the other members of my family in it. Prayed fervently for each one of them. And asked for the Lord's guidance, revelation and salvation for each and everyone of us.

I'm off to bed now with a happy and blessed heart. God bless you too my dear readers.

Jun 16, 2012

Copy-Kids DVD Giveaway (Open Worldwide till 6/28)

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This Review & Giveaway is done by SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways

About the DVD:

Copy-Kids is a media company producing video that encourages positive habits
in young children, by watching and copying other kids. Copy-Kids unique content
— DVD, online and TV — helps parents get their children hooked on healthy and
positive habits.
Produced for children aged 6 months to 5 years, Copy-Kids innovative video is
fun and compelling for both children and parents.
Copy-Kids launched in January 2012 with our first DVD — Copy-Kids Eat
Fruits and Vegetables
The DVD features 12 x 7 minute chapters, one for each of twelve fruits &

*bell pepper *bananas *oranges *carrots *strawberries *avocado 

*raspberries *tomatoes *apples*broccoli *cucumber *blueberries

Each chapter features several adorable and entertaining children aged 9
months to 4 years, eating with joy and delight. It’s a simple but revolutionary
tool for parents who want their kids to develop a life-long habit of healthy
eating. The DVD includes an on-camera discussion about healthy eating with
renowned pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon, plus a section of delightful outtakes.
Total Running Time: 115 minutes
Check out this clip about the video:

My niece & nephew love this video and ask to watch it all the time during snack time. The first time we watch this video I had brought a veggie & fruit tray with me and they were confused why but while watching the video I found the kids reaching for the veggies & fruits and eating them with out us asking them too.  This video really does hit a home run with the kids in my book.

Now for the giveaway: One lucky
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Jun 15, 2012

On Accidentally Seeing Horrifying Pictures and Videos

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Recently, and even some time before, I have been feeling shocked that my heart just beat painfully upon seeing horrifying pictures or thumbnail of videos of dead people on my Facebook wall feed. As always, I'd always say it loud on my status referring to friends to stop posting such kinds of stuff on Facebook.

In my opinion, Facebook is a social wall from where we connect and socialize with our friends online. But isn't it a show of respect as well if we refrain from posting not-so-pretty things? It is a much better atmosphere if we do so. Let's be very considerate to those users who are weak at heart when it comes to these kinds of things. Lest, you put big warnings associated with only a link to the image or video with it, so that those who may want to view will just be led on clicking the link.

I do believe that we all have the right to be posting anything we want on our own wall. Please just be considerate, that's all. Not many people can take seeing those pictures. I am sure that even Lawyer Ann Finnell will not like that.

So to all my Facebook friends, this is just a humble request. I am only asking this in behalf of those like me, who cannot be as brave as you are with regards to seeing horrible pictures and videos. I am sure too that you don't intend to offend or whatsoever. I know that you're just sharing those too. Just that, let's keep FB as our social networking site as it is and happy communicating with each other on it. Lawyer Ann Finnell will like that too.

Thank you and God bless!

Jun 12, 2012

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme: Now Showing!

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Oh, I love the fact that Kimmy Dora is now in a comeback movie! I loved Kimmy Dora Part 1 so much that really entertained me. Eugene Domingo made it certain that starring in a movie as a main cast herself will be a sell-out one! Yes. She's been awesome that even though it was filmed and produced by friends out from their own pocket, particularly Piolo Pascual, they made it click and even earned not only income but hits! It became a blockbuster!

What I like best about the movie is that, Eugene carried her two different character professionally funny and she nailed it! To be honest, I've watched the first part for like 5 times that I bought a DVD of it. I even bragged about it to friends and made them watch it too and voila! They all loved it! I'm sure that even the Best Attorney Tulsa loved it too.

Now, as Filipinos' loud demands were heard for the Part 2 to be released, finally, it's now in town! Oh! I just can't wait to run to SM Cinemas and head straight to the theater without falling in line to buy tickets anymore as I have availed this e-Plus card the other month. I will be tagging my sisters along with me as well! No one, nor a Best Attorney Tulsa could stop us from watching. Lol! Sorry folks... I'm just really, really excited about this second movie of my most favorite Filipino female comedian.

To Miss Eugene Domingo: Surprise us! I can't wait to watch you and your superb talent on making us laugh. Congratulations on your movie comeback! You deserve this! And I am definitely sure and certain that Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme will once again become a blockbuster hit!!!

To my readers: Please don't spill the beans on the comment section below just yet. Spoilers? Keep it a secret for now. Haha!


Jun 8, 2012

The Final Destination Movie Review

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The Final Destination movie is a kind of movie that I cannot take. More so because of the gross scenes of how people are being killed. I am sorry that this review focuses more on the negatives. You may wonder why I still managed to watch it full. It's only because I want to see the significance of the movie.

To tell you ahead. I still did not see anything relevant to it. Yes. There was a story behind and I'm sure that the writer and producer put much effort on it. I truly give credit to that. But all I could see was the blood, and impossible events that I doubtly believe would happen in reality. To think that people are being killed one by one just because of the word "destiny"? For me, it's an unfortunate kind of destiny. If those people could only be hurt, wounded or stuff like that... I would be one of those people who'd volunteer to buy meds for them from Walgreens Westminster Ca , with a glad heart that they are still alive.

I was kind of hoping that the end part of the movie will be a happy one since this one guy who was left and who managed to stay alive was great, only to die in a burning plane! Oh, not only that. His girlfriend, who according to his previous premunition of the bridge accident, was not supposed to die. But she was there on the plane as well and even had a bloody way of dying. I dont know really why movies like this is being filmed anyway. Well maybe, some people enjoy watching these kinds of films. But for me, I'd rather see movies with real sense and continue buying at Walgreens Westminster Ca . Lol.

But, just so you know? I applaud on how the story was creatively done and the twists that made me freak out. Good job on that!

P.S. This is only my own honest opinion and constructive criticism on the movie Final Destination. I am hoping that I've not offended anyone. If so, I seek for apology. In any case, we are entitled for our own opinion.

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